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Spring Detox

     Well it is that time of year again, Spring.  The flowers, the warmer days (at least in some parts of the country), and the activities spring brings.  A lot of people begin the spring cleaning ritual.  They clean their house, their closets, have yard sales and just generally get rid of the old things that they no longer want or need.  This spring, why not include your body in the spring cleaning process.
     Actually, it is a good idea to cleanse the body with every season change, spring, summer, fall and winter.

Winter Illnesses: Time to Prepare.

  Temperatures today are in the upper 57s and it is forecast to get colder this week.  Some say this is typical weather for for time of year, the middle of Autumn.  The heat of summer is giving way to the cold and darker days of winter.  With this change also comes changes in the illnesses that afflict us. The onset of winter brings with it the season's dread. 
     The biggest dread is the nasty cold and flu.  I am not saying that colder weather causes these illnesses, but the viruses that manifest as cold and or flu thrive better in the cooler temperatures of fall and winter when the humidity is lower, we are all gathered together in close quarters, and our immune system is a little less active.

Post Nasal Drip and mucus

     The buildup of mucus in the nasal cavities that run down the back of the throat (instead of running out the front) is known as Post Nasal Drip (PND).  Many people (including yours truly) experience this condition from time to time while others experience it on a chronic basis.  Often, it is a seasonal thing that affect most people during the spring and fall.  According to “WebMD” PND is symptomatic of a number of health related conditions. After finding the cause, a more specific treatment can be given (i.

The reasons you should Choose Natural Medicines

Ten Reasons to Choose Traditional Naturopathy
Updated and Reprinted fromwww.drchandlernd.com/articles
1.Continuing to Feel Ill and Don’t Know the Reason Why?
We all want to be healthy and to feel well. Chronic and or persistent recurring symptoms such as: Headache, digestive upsets, low energy, insomnia, nervousness and pain makes us feel unwell. More frequently than not, these symptoms often go unexplained by medical doctors even after you are subjected to a host of medical tests. In most cases, you are sent home with no answers and a bottle or two of pills (with their side effects) as a solution.

Calcium Study

     Well it has been a while since my last post.  I have enjoyed a very long vacation with my beautiful wife and partner Jann celebrating our wedding anniversary and her birthday.  We've spent time exploring the outer banks of NC from Newbern, Ocracoke, Duck and Manteo to discoveries along the way and to the mountains of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.  Reflecting upon our travel, one can only conclude that there is a divine intelligence that not only created our world and universe but also the human spirit.

The B Vitamins

     This week I will be discussing the role of the B vitamins.  Usually, if you have a deficiency in one of the B vitamins then it is highly likely that you will be deficient in at least one other B vitamin.  This is because the B vitamins work together, as a group to maintain the health of nerves, eyes, liver, mouth, skin, hair, proper functioning of the brain and the the muscle tone of the gastrointestinal tract. For this reason, the B vitamins should always be taken together.

Natural Pain Management

   Pain is the message that the brain receives from the body.  The body tells the brain that something is wrong such as injury or disease.  These messages (pain) allow you to become aware of many types of problems before the problem becomes serious.  At low levels of pain, preventive measures can be taken to correct a situation thus, allowing the damaged area to repair.  However, not all pain is useful in this regard.  Chronic and reoccurring pain may indicate a serious problem that cannot be adequately “treated” and has to be “managed”.

Food Poisoning

     Today I received a frantic call from a client of mine.  She stated that her husband had went to restaurant the night before and now he was vomiting, had direahea, and was running a temperature.  She didn't know what to do.  Her husband refused to go to the hospital but was open to some "natural" ideas to help eliminate the symptoms. 
    As the days get warmer heading into the summer months, food poising becomes more and more prevalent.

Glandular Therapy

     The body's glandular system is both complex and important.  All body functions rely on a healthy glandular system.  Glands are organs that manufacture and secret fluids and other substances into the body for the body's use.  These fluids and substances, like hormones, influence everything from digestion to reproduction to growth and regulation of body temperature. 
    Like all organs, the glands need nutritional support, especially when nutrient stores have been depleted because of stress or illness.

Heartburn, GERD, and Gastritis

Stomach problems can be cause by numerous things.  Some of them are: food allergies, gluten intolerance, helicobacter pylori (H-pylori bacteria), high gastrin levels, low or high acity, fungal infections and parasites.  Though medicines can sometimes be a tremendous benefit, they often have severe side effects and if used for prolonged periods can make matters worse. Try the following non-prescription recommendations to help relieve an ill stomach.  Please remember, different measures help different people.
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