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The reasons you should Choose Natural Medicines

Ten Reasons to Choose Traditional Naturopathy
Updated and Reprinted from www.drchandlernd.com/articles
1.Continuing to Feel Ill and Don’t Know the Reason Why?
We all want to be healthy and to feel well. Chronic and or persistent recurring symptoms such as: Headache, digestive upsets, low energy, insomnia, nervousness and pain makes us feel unwell. More frequently than not, these symptoms often go unexplained by medical doctors even after you are subjected to a host of medical tests. In most cases, you are sent home with no answers and a bottle or two of pills (with their side effects) as a solution. And you still feel ill! Why? This is often the time most people decide to seek a more natural approach to their problems. Traditional Naturopathy provides a whole new approach and method of treatment.  Some Medical doctors profess to be "holistic".  What does that term mean?  A holistic approach includes steps that address the mind, body and spirit (more on this later).  Medical doctors  give a brand new meaning to this term.  They view holism as the "whole body".  They exclude the mind and the spirit.
2. Traditional Naturopathy “Does no harm.”
Traditional Naturopathic doctors swear an oath that was first recited by Hippocrates “to first do no harm.” Even though the conventional medical doctors swear by the same oath, unfortunately, our medical community “harms” people in alarming proportions. Every year in the United States over 250,000 deaths occur because of errors by health care professional during medical procedures, hospital stays, adverse drug reactions from prescribed or administered drugs, and surgery mishaps. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 284, dated July 26, 2000, it states that medical errors, made by its conventional medical community, are the 3 leading cause of death in North America. This does not take into account the pharmaceutical mistakes and the ever on-going prescription drug epidemic in this country.  Every year thousands die and thousands more maimed from misuse and illegal use of pharmaceutical drugs.  These very drugs that the medical community use to "do no harm".   Traditional Naturopathy, by contrast, does not perform invasive surgery, does not use prescription drugs or radiation. Procedures used are natural, gentle, and are more easily accepted by the body’s systems.  Some may say that all substances (even natural) have side effects.  While this statement is true in its broadest sense, most natural supplements have been used safely for hundreds even thousands of years. 
     In several articles  published by Life Extension, August 2012 issue, you will learn that many of the supplement companies are (or better stated, have been) bought by large companies that have little to no experience in the supplement area or are major drug companies.  For example:  The multiple vitamins Centrum is a division of Pfizer and One-A Day is made by a division of Bayer. Other examples include the purchase of New Chapter by Proctor and Gamble, the makers of Emergen-C bought by Pfizer, and Solgar and Nature's Bounty bought by Carlyle Group.  In another article published in the same issue Life Extension brought to light "Pharmacy Chains Don't care if you live or die".  The article explains how these chains market and sale items such as cigarettes and other tobacco products, junk food, over the counter drugs and pharmaceuticals with there side effects, and the misleading and poorly formulated store brand (or private label) supplements and products.  It is all about the money folks!  You don't see multi million dollar natural health care facilities dotted across the nation and it is not because natural remedies do not work.  It is because of the major pharmaceutical companies that push there products on a less informed public through a (my opinion) corrupt government agency.
3. Traditional Naturopathy Treats the Cause not the symptoms.
Doctors of naturopathy look for and then treat the cause of the symptoms being experienced.  Sometimes it takes trial of several remedies.  But, unlike medical procedures where doctors only treat the symptoms (of course with pharmaceuticals, cut out, or burning out), naturopaths take the time and research to find the true cause of the illness/disease.
4. Traditional Naturopathy treats the Whole Person (Mind, Body, Spirit).
We believe that there is an interconnection with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one’s being (a life force or vital energy). Naturopathic doctors recognize the ability of one to influence the other, either negatively or positively. As stated previously, some holistic medical doctors view holism as treating the whole body using drugs, surgery, radiation, and a few select herbals combined with the USDA food pyramid.   In a book entitled, Invitation to Holistic Health, a Guide to a Balanced Life, written by Charlotte Eliopoulos, RN MPH, ND, PhD and published by Jones and Bartlet, 2004 she explains the meaning of holism as:
     The term holism refers to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  In other words, 1+1+1+3 or 5 or more.  When applied to health, holism implies that the health and harmony of the body, mind and spirit create a higher, richer state of health than would be achieved with attention to just one part, such as a physical functioning.  Although some people equate it with the use of complementary and alternative therapies, holistic health is a philosophy of care in which a wide range of approaches are used to establish and maintain balance within an individual.
  P xvi
5. Traditional Naturopathic Doctors are well trained.
There is a myth that alternative treatments are bogus or unreliable snake oil sold by quacks with no formal training. This myth is simply not true. There is also a myth that you have to be licensed in order to be effective or legitimate. This myth is also simply not true. In order to receive the designation of N.D., the person has to complete a doctoral level program from an accredited school. This program is a grueling process that requires years of work, study, and research. The licensing issue is a political issue (mostly backed and pushed by those "elite" naturopaths from naturopathic medical schools located on the west coast who want to practice medicine but do not want to go through the medical education process), not one of credibility or effectiveness.  As mentioned earlier, Medical doctors, who are licensed, are mostly responsible for over a quarter million deaths each year in North America.  Traditional Naturopaths are Board Certified and have earned the designation N.D.
6.Traditional Naturopathy is Evidence-Based.
Modalities used in Naturopathy have been criticized as not being backed by any research. The facts are there is an enormous amount of clinical trials and scientific research in the naturopathic field that have been conducted over the past one hundred years. More recent trials and research findings have been published in all of the highly respected medical journals in the US, Canada, and the world. There are researchers that try to disprove natural therapies to the gain of pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession.  They use inferior products, synthetic supplements, insufficient amounts, and flawed research to taint the natural remedy industry.
7. In-depth, Longer Consultations.
The first consultation with a Naturopathic doctor takes between 1 and 1 ½ hours or even longer. Clients are given as much time as needed in any follow-up sessions. Clients are encouraged to voice any concerns and ask all of their questions regarding their health care. Naturopaths are doctors who truly listen and really care about their client’s well being.
8. Stop the Guessing.
Health and wellness conscious Americans spend billions of dollars each year purchasing vitamins, herbal remedies, and over the counter drugs. These purchases are frequently based on advertising, hearsay and trail and error. This practice is expensive and dangerous as many of the supplements and herbal formulas can interact adversely with each other and with over the counter drugs and prescribed pharmaceuticals. Many medical doctors are not familiar with the contraindications of these supplements. Many people do not reported the use of herbal supplements or over the counter medications to their medical doctor or to the pharmacist. A Traditional Naturopathic doctor can keep you safe, save you money, and eliminate the guesswork.
9. You can Keep your Conventional Doctor.
We will work with your Conventional Doctor. In recent years many Medical Doctors have come to realize the importance of Naturopaths. Many Medical doctors are now showing a more open mindedness in working with Naturopathic doctors, especially when their patients insist.
10. Prevention – Lowering the risk of Diseases that Kill.
In naturopathy, prevention is the central principle. Today’s big killers; heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer risks can be reduced, even when there is said to be a predisposition to a disease. Life style counseling, adequate nutrition and stress reduction techniques, to name a few, are essential to prevention.  In many situations, the amount of medications can be reduced and many eliminated thereby eliminating unwanted and dangerous side effects.
If you would like more information on how you can benefit from Naturopathy, please contact Dr. Chandler.
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(Copyright 2012) Chandler Naturopathic Health Center
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