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Carnosine, the anti-aging supplement.

Carnosine has been in the news lately withpeople like doctor Oz stating its miracle benefits. So, what is this miraclesupplement and what are the many benefits of supplementing with it?
Carnosine, or more specifically L-carnosine, isactually made of two amino acids. The combination of alanine and histidine makethis compound and is classified as a dipeptide. As an amino acid or dipeptide,l carnosine is a protein building block. Carnosine is usually made in the body,especially when we are young. As we age our ability to make this substancebecomes more and more difficult. In our youth, l-carnosine is abundant inmuscle and brain tissue. Since levels of carnosine declines as we age, it isthought that supplementation of this compound slows the aging process.
Carnosine is responsible for numerous functionsin the body. Physical appearance is certainly one of them. This is because proteins,built in part by carnosine, change over time. As you have probably noticed,physical appearance changes over time as well as does general health.
Other functions of carnosine include: preventionof disease, minimizes damage to body tissues, it is an antioxidant thatneutralizes free radical damage, it bounds toxic metals and eliminates themfrom the body before they can cause damage to tissue, and it strengthens theimmune cells.
Who should consider taking carnosine? To startwith, people who do not eat enough complete protein (foods that contain allnine (9) of the essential amino acids: meat, fish and dairy are often cited asfoods that contain complete proteins). Anyone with a specific health concernthat may be helped by carnosine ( epilepsy, seizures, autism, diabetes, Alzheimer’s,heart disease, skin conditions, heavy metal toxicity, and many more). Any onethat is interested in anti-aging benefits. Some studies show that carnosine canactually help reduce wrinkles. It can help promote lean muscle mass.L-carnosine can prevent the development of diseases and minimize tissue damage,which is thought to increase lifespan.
How much should you take? Carnosine is anextremely safe supplement with few (if any) side effects. The usualrecommendation for general anti-aging and protection from free radical damageis 50 to 200 mg per day taken with meals.
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