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Calcium Study

     Well it has been a while since my last post.  I have enjoyed a very long vacation with my beautiful wife and partner Jann celebrating our wedding anniversary and her birthday.  We've spent time exploring the outer banks of NC from Newbern, Ocracoke, Duck and Manteo to discoveries along the way and to the mountains of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.  Reflecting upon our travel, one can only conclude that there is a divine intelligence that not only created our world and universe but also the human spirit.  We witnessed many beautiful things, people, and places.  We learned so much about history, nature, and life in general.  All of this beauty abounds in just our state.  We can't wait to discover more places, people and things in other parts of great nation.  With a renewed dedication to each other and a deeper love for each other, our lives are ever more enriched.
So what's new in our natural health world?  There was a study recently published that stated the beneficial properties of calcium turns out to be false.  The study reports that the use of calcium supplements by women aided in the development of heart disease and that it did not help in bone loss. (You can find an article on the report on "WebMd".  Yes, that is what was reported in the study.  I must admit, I have never been a proponent of taking calcium supplements (especially in the amounts and ratios often prescribed) but, I was taken aback by this study.  With that said, I don't believe that the study reveals the "whole truth."
     As a natural health doctor and practitioner, I belive that the more nutrients that you can get from your foods the better you will utilize those nutrients.  However, there are situations and circumstances that mandate the use of supplementation.  In this study, thge researchers did a meta analysi of about one dozen clinical trials.  These trials alo include the supplementation of vitamin D.  The problems, that I have with the study, are they do not indicate what kind of calcium was supplemented (and it matters) nor the amount of calcium and vitamin D being supplemented.
     The bottom line from my standpoint is:  You probably do not need calcium supplementation if you eat a lot of dairy and other calcium rich foods.  If you feel a need to supplement calcium, include vitamin D3 and magnesium.  In my opinion, the ratio of calcium, vitamin D3 and magnesium should be 1/2/1.  In other words , 500 mg of calcium, 1,000 IUs of vitamin D3, and 500 mg magnesium taken together.
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