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Dimethylglycine (DMG) Amino Acid in its simplest form.

     Dimethylglycine (DMG) is a derivative of glycine, which is the simplest of the amino acids.  It is the building block of many important substances including the amino acid methionine, choline, many hormones and neurotransmitters, and DNA.  Research shows DMG to be physiologically active and important to cell metabolism. 
     DMG is a safe, natural, non toxic food substance that does not build up in the body.  It is a water soluble intermediary metabolite (it has a temporary role in the cell cycle before being rapidly broken down).  DMG can be produced in the body in small amounts from the amino acids choline and betaine.  Supplementation can increase levels that can result in increased health benefits within the body. 
    Some of the benefits of having higher levels of DMG in the body include: enhanced immune system,  strengthening both immune systems by stimulating both B cell and T cell production, increased production of antibodies, cytokines, and lymphocytes, strengthening anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-tumor properties and modulating the inflammation response; improves cardiovascular functions by reducing elevated blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels, helps to normalize blood pressure and glucose levels, and helps to maintain homocysteine levels within normal range; improves neurological function, may help with in controlling epileptic seizures, may help in verbal communications and social interactions in individuals with autism; and it improves the functioning of many organs including the liver and detoxification processes among other whole body health processes.
   Some sources of natural DMG are in foods like meat, beans, seeds, and whole grains.
   Is DMG supplementation right for you?  Anyone that has challenges to the immune system, athletes (sports practice and fitness), people with cardiovascular issues, stress, support for neurological issues, autism spectrum (autism, ADD), seizures,  support for carbohydrate metabolism (diabetics), liver detoxification and support, auto immune diseases, cancer, respiratory disorders (allergies/asthma), stress, chronic fatigue, and  fibromyalgia may benefit by taking a supplement form of DMG along with anyone who wishes to gain general health and anti-aging benefits. 
     Looking for DMG products or more information?  Go to www.drchandlernd.com click on the store page and click on the DaVinci Laboratory link or go directly to www.davincilabs.com/davincicon/?a_aid=Chandler
    DaVinci has several specific products (some available in tablet, chewable tablet, and liquid), with DMG:  Aller-DMG, Behavior Balance-DMG, Cardio-DMG, COQ10-DMG, Energy-Plex, Fibro-DMG Gluconic - DMG, Gluconic Gluta-DMG, Immuno-DMG and Neuro-DMG.  DaVinci also provides "sell sheets" for each product that gives additional information on that product.
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