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Glandular Therapy

     The body's glandular system is both complex and important.  All body functions rely on a healthy glandular system.  Glands are organs that manufacture and secret fluids and other substances into the body for the body's use.  These fluids and substances, like hormones, influence everything from digestion to reproduction to growth and regulation of body temperature. 
    Like all organs, the glands need nutritional support, especially when nutrient stores have been depleted because of stress or illness.  For the most part, the glands, like the rest of the body, can be improved upon by eating the proper foods, and supplementing with vitamins, minerals and herbs. 
   Glandular therapy is another means of improving the health of glands.  It uses dried concentrated forms of various raw animal glands to support and improve specific glands or to improve many glands, when used in a multiple glandular supplement. 
     I use glandulars to help my clients with a variety of complaints ranging from adrenal fatigue to hormonal complaints, reproduction, and immunity.  I use both single glands and combination formulas.  As with any supplement, make sure that the glands you buy come from  a highly reliable source, free of toxins, hormones, an antibiotics.  If you would like to know more about how glandular therapy may help you in your wellness goal, please contact me.
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