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What your fingernails say about you.

     It has been long believed in Chinese medicine and gives a six to  that the nails are the "transfer points" for nutrients within the body.  In these specific meridian points of the body, blood flows through, revealing many physical deficiencies that can be seen within the nail structure. Nails never finish their growth cycle and represents an accurate record of the person's physical and systemic wellness and give a six to eight month history of the person's health status.
   If your health is good, the appearance of the nail will be pink and transparent in color, shinny in luster, with a smooth and even arch.  Healthy nails should have a hard epithelial layer, and lunalae (half moon) on each finger except the pinkie finger. They will be flexable and strong.
    Soft nails can be indicative of sensitive nerves and poor nutrition.  Thin soft nails can signify calcium deficiency.  Brittle nails with large cracks indicate malnutrition and adrenal problems with additional problems associated with the excretory and reproductive systems. As you see, many different health conditions of organs, glands, and systems of the body can be assessed by nail analysis. 
   In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each of the five fingernails refer to a certain part of the body:  The thumbnail reflects the condition of the brain, the reproductive system, and the excretory system.  The Index finger nail is representative of the nervous system, the gallbladder and liver.  The middle fingernail represents the circulatory system.  The ring fingernail represents the reproductive system and body hormonal balance.  The pinkie fingernail reflects the condition of the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract which includes the intestines and colon.
   During a fingernail analysis, the color, shape, thickness, size, curvature, the presence of bumps, ridges, spots and markings,  and the general condition of the nails are examined to ascertain the level of health of the individual.  Want to know more?  See the article on tongue and fingernail analysis at www.drchandlernd.com and click on articles.
Reference:  Tsu-Tsair Chi, (2002) Dr. Chi's Method of Fingernail and Tongue Analysis, Chi Enterprise, Inc:  pages 1-54
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