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What to do for Insect bites

    Spring time brings out all sorts of little critters among them insects. Many insect bites are merely a nuisance that can cause localized itching and redness, but are pretty much harmless.  Here are a few suggestions for those type bites:  Ant, mosquito, or chigger bites, wash the wound with soap and water (for chiggers use a brush and scrub).  Apply a paste made of baking soda and water.  Apply an ice pack wrapped in cloth should localized swelling occur.
    For tick bites, remove the tick as quickly as possible.  Using tweezers, grasp the head of the tick as close to your skin as as possible and pull straight back making sure that you do not leave the head or any part of the tick embedded in your skin (I have already had to do this once this year).  After removal, wash the area with soap and water.  Do not try to burn the tick or any other method of removal.
     Take the homeopathic remedy Apis mellifica after an insect bite.  It works to prevent swelling.
     To avoid mosquito bites eat brown rice, fish, and/or black strap molasses prior to spending time outdoors.  You can also take a vitamin B complex supplement prior to going outside.  Avoid alcohol, it dilates the blood vessels, which attracts mosquitoes.  Avoid perfume, and bright colored clothing, these also attract insects.
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